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I got into Tokyo Babylon and X in a very roundabout way: through a crossover fanfiction. I usually don't read crossover fics unless I know both fandoms involved or if I enjoy the author's work enough to give it a shot; this was a case of the latter. At the time, however (this was around 2003, by my best guess), I didn't seek out the other work in question. It was a lot harder to find scanlated manga back then, and for years I forgot all about it.

In 2009, I had a bout of nostalgia and decided to look up that fanfiction site from all those years ago. It was still online, and so was that crossover fic. After rereading it, I decided to finally sit down and finally read the other series involved; after all, I've always enjoyed CLAMP's works.

Little did I know that I'd discover one of my absolute favorite manga series in Tokyo Babylon. I enjoyed X too, but the melodrama does get to be a little much at times. (Yes, I realize the irony.) Mostly, though, the part I loved most was the tragic relationship between Seishirou and Subaru.

Initially, I named this site after that crossover fic, but when I revamped the site I decided to rename it — it didn't feel right using the name of someone else's work for my own site. The site is now called death wish; I was inspired by the Gackt song of the same name, which you can listen to on the fanmix. It's also, uh, more than a little fitting given the plot of X. (Plus, what's more fitting for a tragic CLAMP pairing than Gackt?)


I've had this layout in mind for no less than eight months — ever since I saw this texture by sweettasteofbitter. The second I saw the texture, I knew exactly how I wanted to design the layout, from the images to the text. All I had to do was set aside the texture and wait for motivation to work on it: and here we are! It's rare these things happen, but it's pretty awesome when they do. The main page background is by subtlepatterns.

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